The Profit Map™ – A Breakthrough Technology

The Profit Map™ leverages big-data analytics and advanced mathematical modeling to provide highly accurate and reliable forecasts of future stock prices. Users can input their estimates of a company’s future earnings, profit margin, P/S, and P/E ratios, and the model calculates the precise future price of a stock for dates selected by the user. The Profit Map™ offers a level of predictive precision that allows users to greatly reduce, avoid and prevent losses. It also allows users to identify when a stock may provide an exceptionally low entry point with a highly prospective statistical probability of producing outsized gains.

Starting at $499 per month

The Best Metrics™

The Best Metrics™ allows investment analysts to evaluate 12 key metrics which may predict a stock’s future performance. Our data-driven methods, using actual historic precedents, empower advisors to make confident investment decisions based on the most impactful metrics for each individual stock.

Starting at $199 per month

Portfolio Analyzer™

The Portfolio Analyzer™ provides investment analysts with ERS’s proprietary risk and performance ratings. Enter up to 10 stock symbols, and our tool will reveal ERS’s proprietary ratings for each, helping you make better-informed decisions.

Starting at $99 per month

Alpha Search Engine™

ERS’s Alpha Search Engine™ enables investment advisors to create and evaluate custom combinations of fundamental, valuation, and technical financial metrics and criteria to select stocks, and then test their performance over any time period or range of periods within the past 35 years. Using your criteria, you can design proprietary stock selection models, calculate their actual average performance over specified X-year and Y-month periods, and compare your portfolios’ performance to the S&P 500 Index.

Introductory Level: $99 per month
Full Access: $999 per month

Stock Prognosis™

Stock Prognosis™ allows investment analysts to select a company on a specific date and search for all companies which previously had similar financial metrics. The tool calculates the average performance of those similar stocks, providing users with an informed estimate of the selected stock’s potential return.

Available for Beta Testing

Historical Ratings

Investment analysts can use Historical Ratings to select a stock symbol and search its price history for the dates on which it reached its highest or lowest price or risk level.

Included with all subscriptions

P/S Profit Finder™

The P/S Profit Finder™ allows investment analysts to choose a date range and quantify the probability of stocks in that time frame producing a profit based on their revenues and P/S ratios.

Starting at $199 per month

The Right Probability™

The Right Probability™ quantifies the range for a selected metric which would produce a certain probability of gain or loss for a selected stock.

Starting at $199 per month

Compare 3 Stocks

Using this tool, you may select up to 3 stock symbols and dates to compare their financial metrics on a selected date.

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  • Extensive Stock Database: Access comprehensive data on over 15,000 US and Canadian stocks to broaden your investment horizons.
  • Rich Historical Insights: Historical stock data dating back to 1985, enabling thorough trend analysis and informed decision-making.
  • Comprehensive Proprietary Analytical Tools: Utilize a suite of over a dozen innovative tools designed to analyze stocks from multiple perspectives to significantly improve your investment results.

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