On 9/18/2020, these two companies had the same market value. In other words, the market cap, or total price of all shares in each of these two companies, was the same.

ERS’s technology identifies, measures and rates the probability and magnitude of stocks rising and falling. On 9/18/2020, ERS’s PRI™ rating rated GameStop as an exceptionally low-risk 12. On the same date, when each company had the same price, ERS’s PRI™ rating rated AMC as a high-risk 78.

The results below make it abundantly clear that in this case, ERS’s PRI™ rating accurately measured and rated the risk and probability of gain and loss for each of these two companies. We do not say that our technology works on every stock on every day. However, we have objectively, rigorously and independently tested ERS’s technology on over 80 million stock ratings occurring over the last 30 years and have determined that ERS’s technology has produced better returns than any other mutual fund or company that we are aware of.

Market Cap $617 $620
Revenue $5,596 $3,725
Liabilities $2,023 $12,847
NTE $352 (-$4,738)
Net Loss (-$339) (-$2,806)
Retained Earnings $413 (-$3,464)
Cash & ST Invs $735 $498
Debt to Revenue 0.36 3.45
Price to Sales 0.11 0.17
Price to NTE 1.75 -0.13
PRI Rating™ 12 78
Total Return
9/18/2020 to 12/31/2022
680% -28%