Evidence of the Value of Equity Risk Sciences’ Technologies

Low-Risk ERS Winners: A table of stocks ERS rated as low-risk, and the gains which followed those ratings.

High-Risk ERS Losers: A table of stocks ERS rated as high-risk, and the losses that followed those ratings.

ERS’s Low-Price Searcher: A tool which can help identify when a stock’s lowest price was, or when its risk ratings were lowest.

History of ERS’s Risk Ratings of Bankrupt Companies: A table of over 200 companies which went bankrupt between 2004 and 2019 and what ERS would have said about them.

Better-Price Finder: A tool which shows how often a stock moved up X% or down % in price within a certain amount of time.

12 Individual & Comparative Stock Reports: Reports written about a single stock.

Market, Sector & Industry Reports: Reports written about the overall market, or on stocks within a specific sector or industry.

Back-Test Reports: Reports which cover a long period of time and show the results of investing while employing specific rules.

Backtest Study: A long-term study which tests ERS’s Predictive Analytics technology against the long-term performance of the S&P 500.